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With changes to the health care system, rehabilitation therapies are no longer covered under the government medical plan (except for exempt status individuals). Most privately held extended health care plans provide coverage for a portion/percentage of the fees.

Book an appointment Please specify preferred location when booking. We ask for 24 hour prior notification for appointment cancellation.


*please note our fee increase beginning Jan. 1st, 2024

Initial Assessment  $110*
Subsequent Visit  $100*

Youth (18) + Senior (65)
Initial Assessment  $100*
Subsequent Visit $90*

Women’s Health
Initial Assessment  $175
Subsequent Visit  $100

Vestibular Rehabilitation
Initial Assessment  $200
Subsequent Visit  $100


ICBC accepted claims  $0

Worksafe BC (WCB) claims accepted

Shockwave Therapy  $100

TPI Golf Medical Assessment  $210

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